200 Ways to show your LOVE

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February 14, 2012 by Daisy Rose

200 Ways to show your LOVE

Love Pictures

♥1. Tell them!
♥2. Give them a hug.
♥3. Give them respect.
♥4. Kiss when people are looking.
♥5. Kiss when no one is looking.
♥6. Listen to them.
♥7. Hold hands.
8. Go for a long bike ride.
♥9. Give them a special present.
♥10. Be there when they need a friend.
♥11. Spend time together.
♥12. Go see a film.
♥13. Walk arm in arm through the woods.
♥14. Make a tape of LOVE songs.
♥15. Talk about your feelings.
♥16. Share dreams with each other,
♥17. Snuggle up together.
♥18. Sit together in the park.
♥19. Take walks together.
♥20. Go out for dinner.
♥21. Have a picnic.
♥22. Play a game of frisbee.
♥23. Pay them a compliment.
♥24. Relax in a jacuzzi.
♥25. Go swimming.
♥26. Gaze into their eyes.
♥27. Go shopping for food.
♥28. Cook a meal together,
♥29. Touch each other lovingly.
♥30. Do housework together.
♥31. Plan a trip together.
♥32. Throw a party together.
♥33. Bake a cake together.
♥34. Go to the library together.
35. Go to a museum together.
♥36. Just be there.
♥37. Find something that’s special and do it.
♥38. Excercise together.
♥39. Go on a trip together.
♥40. Wash each other’s cars.
41. Go fishing together.
♥42. Talk to each other.
♥43. Share each other’s worries.
♥44. Learn about each other’s hobby.
♥45. Choose your song.
♥46. Listen to each other’s joys!
♥47. Hold one another close.
♥48. Catch their eye.
♥49. Write love letters.
♥50. Talk on the telephone.
♥51. Trust each other.
♥52. Give or receive a ring.
♥53. Meet each other’s family.
♥54. Go hiking together.
♥55. Make sacrifices for each other.
56. Send chocolates.
♥57. Give each other a secret sign.
♥58. Go for a moonlight walk.
59. Hide love notes for each other.
♥60. Give a sexy look.
♥61. Write a poem.
62. Send flowers.
♥63. Eat dinner by candlelight.
♥64. Go to a concert.
65. Watch the sunrise together.
♥66. Remember anniversaries.
♥67. Give each other pet names.
♥68. Go sight-seeing.
♥69. Rent videos.
♥70. Do things without being asked.
♥71. Propose marriage.
♥72. Whisper sweet nothings. 😉
♥73. Be best friends.
♥74. Have fun together.
♥75. Go out dancing.
♥76. Play music together.
♥77. Flirt with each other.
♥78. Laugh together.
♥79. Be faithful.
♥80. Impress each other.
81. Make a list of things you like about each other.
82. Read a book together.
♥83. Meet each other’s friends.
84. Go horse back riding.
♥85. Cook each other’s faves.
♥86. Find out what makes each other happy.
♥87. Make presents for each other.
♥88. Wash each other’s hair.
89. Watch the sunset.
♥90. Read the same book and discuss it.
91. Request a song on the radio.
♥92. Send a funny card.
♥93. Share your plans for the future.
♥94. Play footsie.
♥95. Share private jokes.
♥96. Think about each other.
♥97. Find out what makes each other sad.
♥98. Go skating.
♥99. Swap rings or bracelets.
♥100. Share ice-cream.
♥101. Have your picture taken together.
♥102. Prepare a romantic meal.
♥103. Watch a romantic movie together.
104. Make a list of 10 fave moments together.
♥105. Tell them you love waking up with them every morning.
♥106. Buy flowers for their mother.
107. Bring them flowers weekly. 🙂
♥108. Wash the dishes together.
109. Go to an art exibit.
♥110. Make a picture frame with a picture of you in it.
♥111. Make dinner for their family.
♥112. Give them a haircut.
♥113. Give them a mushy, romantic card,
♥114. Hug them when they come home from work.
115. Push them on a swing.
116. Save all your date souvenirs.
♥117. Ride a ferris wheel.
118. Write a “101 reasons I love you” list.
♥119. Kiss their cheek daily.
120. Make a scrapbook of them as a kid.
♥121. Share a box of candy together.
122. Build sandcastles together.
123. Revisit the place you had your first date.
♥124. Give them thank you note for no reason.
♥125. Mend ripped clothes for them.
♥126. Email them a romantic poem.
♥127. Lay on the grass and look at the stars.
128. Make a romantic photo collage.
129. Put their pic in the car.
130. Dye their hair for them.
131. Have flowers delivered at work.
132. Read romantic poems and giggle at how sappy they are.
♥133. Crochet or knit them a hat or sweater.
134. Mail them a love letter.
♥135. Put your arm in theirs.
♥136. Hold their face in your hands,
♥137. Share a bowl of popcorn while watching a movie.
♥138. Design your dream home together.
♥139. Put your arm around them.
♥140. Tell them you are proud of them.
♥141. Share a bottle of wine.
♥142. Paint them a picture.
143. Warm their hands when it’s cold.
♥144. Go for a drive together.
♥145. Reminisce about your first kiss.
♥146. Send love texts to their cell phone.
147. Make a romantic blog about your relationship.
148. Write on a mirror with soap.
149. Kiss each of their fingertips, one after another.
150. Learn how to play your song on an instrument.
151. Bring them lunch at work.
152. Cover the pillows with rose petals.
153. Leave construction hearts to be found.
♥154. Call them and say, “I miss you!”
♥155. Plant flowers in a planter or garden for them.
♥156. Draw them a funny cartoon.
157. Paint their nails or let them paint yours.
158. Sing a karaoke love song for them.
♥159. Light candles to be romantic.
♥160. Say, “I love you.” in a different language.
♥161. Send a romantic e-card to their email.
♥162. Shovel the driveway for them.
163. Change the oil in their car for them.
164. Make cookbook of their fave meals.
165. Offer to shave his face, or paint her nails.
166. Bake a cake and write a lovenote in frosting.
♥167. Play romantic music and dance together.
♥168. Play your fave game together.
♥169. Use different words or phrases to express your love.
170. Rake or mow the lawn for them.
171. Pick wildflowers for them.
♥172. Make them some home-made candy.
173. Make a scrapbook of all the romantic notes you’ve shared.
♥174. Go tobogganing together.
♥175. Go out for hot chocolate.
♥176. Plan fun outings for the weekend.
177. Try something new together.
178. call in sick on your anniversary to be together.
179. Learn to make their fave drink from scratch.
180. Make a list of all the things you have in common.
181. Win a stuffed animal at the fair.
♥182. Make them a bracelet.
♥183. Carry their pic in your wallet.
♥184. Bake them a batch of cookies.
♥185. Go to garage sales together.
♥186. Kiss in the rain.
♥187. Brush their hair for them.
♥188. Make them their favourite dessert.
♥189. Put a Valentine or lovenote in their lunch.
♥190. Read your horoscope together.
♥191. Take a love quiz.
♥192. Share a bubble bath.
♥193. Go on a camping trip together.
♥194. Reminisce about the first time you met.
♥195. Allow them time with their friends.
196. Learn the history of romance.
♥197. Write a list of words that describe them.
♥198. Give them a romantic massage.
♥199. Set aside time that is JUST for them.
♥200. Get a tattoo or piercing together. 🙂




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