Traveling Alone Tips

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September 1, 2008 by Daisy Rose

Travel smart
Get travel guidebooks geared towards the single traveller for ideas on accommodation, dining, and chill-out options. The Internet also offers a wealth of information on ideal destinations and tours.

Dear diary
When you don’t have a travelling companion to reminisce about your holiday highlights, a journal can be the next best alternative. It will remind you of the great times as well as the challenges, long after you have returned.

Opt to have your meal at the restaurant’s bar counter. It is not only a great place to meet fellow solo diners but also to avoid unwanted advances. Alternatively, pick a booth for privacy.

Plan ahead
Have a valid passport and all the necessary visas for the countries that you will be travelling to. Study the health regulations and do the necessary early – some vaccines require more than a single shot.

Pack light
A heavy bag is the bane of the solo traveller’s existence. Begin your trip with as light a suitcase as possible, so that you can comfortably carry it yourself. The best packing tip for solo travellers is ‘less is more’

Dress down
Style divas should leave their designer clothing, handbags, and luggage at home. Nothing attracts a would-be thief’s attention more than a flash of bling or clothes that scream your affluence.

Lost and found
Never leave your hotel without the name and address of the hotel you’re staying at, especially if English is not widely spoken. Also, get a map of the city and ask the hotel staff to mark the hotel on it.

Safety first
Carry the bulk of your cash or travellers cheques in a hidden money belt. Keep only the cash you need for a single day in your wallet, and your credit card or ATM card – but never both.

Turning off Romeo
To avoid unwanted attention, avoid eye contact and quickly move away from would-be Romeos. Ask for help if you need, and dress like the local women to keep leering looks at bay.

Be cautious
Even if you’d like nothing better than an unstructured holiday, it will be wise to book your first few accommodation options in advance. You get your bearings faster, without much fear.


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